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Divine Destiny Believes


Divine Destiny School's mission is to provide educational excellence with a kingdom purpose  


To provide Christ-centered educational programs which focus on spiritual growth and academic excellence which honors God in all respects as each one of our students pursue their Divine Destiny.


A. Christian:
1. Christ-Centered. Divine Destiny School strives to be Christ-centered in all aspects of the learning environment–through action, word and deed.

2. Biblical Worldview. Divine Destiny School (DDS) teaches and leads from Biblical truth, equipping students accordingly.  Integration of faith 
    will be maintained in all academic areas. 

3. Spiritual Growth. Every DDS student is embraced with the welcoming love of Jesus Christ, and invited and encouraged towards spiritual 
    growth through dynamically integrated programs, activities and curriculum.

B. Preparatory:
1. Excellence & Achievement. DDS believes that excellence honors God and inspires people; thus, students are prepared to achieve at their highest potential. 

2. Character and Citizenship. Honorable character and citizenship are the responsibilities of current students and a lofty aspiration for their futures. 

3. Future Leadership. DDS students are equipped with the mental, physical, social and spiritual competencies necessary to become humble stewards of their God-given gifts and talents. 

4. Preparation of Students. DDS will strive to offer the best academic preparation to the students.  We will offer a program that will prepare 
    students to make the next transition in his or her academic career.   

C. School: 
1. Educational Challenge. Thorough preparation and consistent execution are required, which result in academic excellence, artistic expression
    and athletic distinction at DDS.
2. Nurturing Environment. In the midst of significant challenge and high standards, every DDS student experiences the love of God and the 
    importance of being one of His children. 

3. Lifelong Learning. Comprehensive knowledge and critical thought will become hallmarks of the well-read and confident alumni of DDS, who 
     develop knowledge, wisdom, and conversational intelligence that go well beyond high test scores and grade point average. 

4. Biblical Foundation&Partnership with Families. Parents have the primary responsibility for the education of their children. Divine Destiny 
    School, Inc. exists to partner with parents in the nurture and admonition of the Lord. 

5. Modeling Christ. The Bible states that when children mature, they will be like their teachers. The teacher is the living curriculum in the 
    classroom and must model a Christian life consistently. Therefore, we will strive to have teachers who have trusted in Christ as Lord and 

6. Environment. Divine Destiny School will strive to create an atmosphere of love and respect among the school community. Our program will be 
    Christ-centered in all aspects of the learning environment-through action, word and deed. 

D. Philosophy:
At Divine Destiny School we believe that each child is unique and we are dedicated to encouraging him/her to achieve their full potential academically.  We offer a balanced curriculum that develops the social, intellectual, physical, spiritual, and emotional needs of each child through challenging course work, artistic and creative expression and spiritual training by the finest Christian teachers in the city.  

Divine Destiny School strives to develop in students a lifelong love of learning, an abiding faith in Christ and personal integrity.  We are a community based on trust, mutual respect, compassion and we hold all members of the community accountable for upholding these values.

We believe it is critical that children come to understand the love of Jesus and the basic principles of the Holy Scriptures. This will help them become people of integrity, productive in society, living lives honoring God first and then serving those around them. Our spiritually-centered academic program, coupled with proper nurturing and discipline at home, will produce the character that every parent hopes to see in his child as well as that which brings glory to God.  We will work at fostering a parent partnership with each family and encourage parent volunteering to solidify the family component within our school, making Divine Destiny School a joint effort with our staff and their parents to raise healthy children spiritually, physically, mentally and emotionally. Thus developing well-balanced leaders for our society, and following the Biblical command to train up a child in the way that he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it (Proverbs 6:22).