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Divine Destiny Programs


                                                       Extra-Curricular Activities

         Divine Destiny School seeks to become a “hub” of our school community, a place where students, staff and parents come to enjoy our learning environment. One of the missions of Divine Destiny School is to ensure that students and staff become efficient life-long users of information, resources, ideas and their talents. We believe that our extra-curricular activities should serve as an integral part of the teaching and learning processes at our school. We have strategically tailored our extra-curricular school activities in a way that children will still find themselves in a “learning” mode while yet enjoying the opportunity to explore their God-given gifts and talents. We desire to help each student discover what is on the inside of them and through this creative process, each child will learn more about themselves and their abilities. Some of these activities include: Basketball, Cheerleading, Tutoring, Football, Boy Scouts, Sewing, Arts and Crafts, Robotics, Cooking Class and Audio/Visual Club.